Exploring Pickles from Every Corner of the World!

The world of pickles is a vast one from spicy mango pickles in India to a more mellow flavoured bread and butter pickle in the US, pickles come in all flavours, shapes and sizes.  

Different cultures have their own unique preparation methods and feature them differently in their meals and snacks! We hope you enjoy this mouth-watering journey exploring pickles from every corner of the world! 


1: USA - Dill pickles

Let us start our journey in the United States with its iconic dill pickle. It is made by fermenting cucumbers in a brine of water, vinegar, dill, salt, and occasionally a hint of garlic! This creates a taste explosion that complements a wide range of dishes such as burgers and sandwiches and of course on their own. Are you curious about the crunchy delight that's distinctly American? Click here to learn about the history of dill pickles, uncovering what makes them a star in American cuisine. 

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2: India - Achar

India’s diversity is not limited to its people; it extends to its wide variety of pickles. The most popular type of pickle you find in India is the mango pickle, made using green, unripe mangoes combined with a variety of spices and mustard oil! Another common Indian pickle is “Nimbu Ka Achaar”, a lime pickle made with spicy and tangy flavours [1]. Achar adds a unique flavour to meals and is typically eaten with rice, dal or flatbreads. 


3: South Korea - Kimchi

Next up, KIMCHI! You can find countless recipes of kimchi online and each will be a little different. This diversity arises from the unique recipes passed down within families from generation to generation. However, traditional kimchi is made with brined napa cabbage that is coated with a paste made of gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes), crushed garlic and ginger, green onion, sliced radish, and fermented seafood. This is left to ferment for a few days. Beyond its delicious flavour, kimchi has gained popularity for its health benefits namely antioxidative and anti-aging effects [2]. 


4: Germany - Sauerkraut

This fermented cabbage pickle is tangy and sour and is a staple in Germany. With incredible versatility, you can incorporate sauerkraut into both warm and chilled dishes. So, the next time you want to zing up your meal, consider tossing some sauerkraut into your salad or using it as a topping for your sandwich [3].


5: Japan - Tsukemono 

Tsukemono is an umbrella term for Japanese pickles. All kinds of fruits and vegetables including Japanese radish, cucumber, cabbage, ginger, and plums are used to make tsukemono [4]. Among the many pickling varieties, a popular choice is shiozuke, also known as salt pickles. This technique involves both a light and heavy salting of fruits and vegetables. One example of a heavy salting process is umeboshi (red pickled Japanese plums). It is made up of an intense flavour of saltiness and sourness and pairs perfectly with rice [4]. 

We love everything about pickles, especially the way they connect people to their home, culture and family. Happy pickling! 

Author: Divya Shetty, Dillicious Intern 2023 (LinkedIn Profile)

Bachelor of Nutrition Science student from Monash University



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Images: World map: Kelsey Knight and India SANTOSH RAULO on Unsplash