A Dillicious Mission
To spread the power of pickles.

We think that the majority of Australia is yet to experience really good pickles and we’re here to show you how Dillicious they can be. We combine premium Aussie ingredients with our American-style pickling process for a crunch that will blow the socks off any pickle skeptic. Taste the Dillicious-ness for yourself and feel the #PicklePower!

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Here to make you smile

For us, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or bland, in fact, it should make you smile. We’re here for the moments spent around the table with family or a picnic spread with friends, surrounded by an abundance of quality Aussie produce. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we like making them.

Leading the way

What’s so innovative about pickles you ask? Whilst pickling may be a tried and true process, we delve deep into every detail to ensure we’re delivering the best quality Aussie made, American-style dill pickles. Take for example the wider than usual opening on our jars: this means we don’t bruise the cucumbers on the way in and makes it easier for you to get them out at the other end- neat, huh? It’s the little things that count and we’re committed to pushing for better every day in every way.

You can count on us

We may be small but we are mighty and we’re here to stay. We work closely with our suppliers and distributors to ensure a consistent supply of products and with an ever increasing list of stockists, including major retailers, we want to make sure the pickle fanatics have a constant supply of the good stuff in your fridge or pantry. So when the craving for something Dillicious strikes next, we’ve got you.

Passionate about pickles

Since we started our own pickle company, we’ve learnt a fair bit about pickles and because sharing is caring, what’s ours is yours. From insights on health benefits to recipes and tasty food pairings, our in-house dietitian Liza is constantly dishing up new ways to enjoy Dillicious pickles and keep you in the know.

It's a family affair

When your company ‘boardroom’ is also your kitchen table and your Chief Taste Testers share the same genes, I think you’d call that a family affair- we even named our dog after our cucumbers: meet Kirby! As a proudly family owned and run business, we respond to our customers, not investors and that’s the way we like it. Working to our strengths as both co-founders and husband and wife, Dillicious is our passion, our livelihood and our community and we’re so glad to share it with you.