Authentic American-Style
James, Co-founder & General Manager

James has always been a pickle person. Growing up in Virginia, USA pickle loving might just be in his blood.

So when this American boy met our Australian girl whilst volunteering in the Kingdom of Tonga, his fate was sealed - life in Australia was on the horizon.

In the absence of a worthy pickle came the inspiration to make his own. So you see it’s not just our pickling process that’s authentically American-inspired but our origin story too.

Backed with his extensive food industry experience James takes on the role of General Manager covering everything from warehouse logistics, production management as well as partnerships with suppliers, stockists and food service clients. So if you see a tall guy wearing a pickle shirt and a really big smile, make sure you smile back- that’s our guy.

Aussie Made
Liza, Co-founder & Dietitian

Liza hasn't always been a pickle person. Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, pickles weren’t a common household item growing up.

Alongside her role as the Dillicious in-house Dietitian, Liza maintains her long-standing tenure at Monash University as a lecturer and has a PhD in public health nutrition and sustainable food systems. Backed by over 18 years of experience in hospitals, community health centers and not-for-profits, Liza is also an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and proud member of the Dietitians Australia and the Public Health Association of Australia.

As Dillicious’ very first pickle convert, Liza has always made sure that all of our products are not just tasty, but super healthy.

Taste Testers
Elliot & Heidi

Taking their role very seriously indeed, nothing but the best gets past these two. Sticklers for quality and keen on the crunch, Elliot & Heidi provide the kid-friendly tick of approval. Looks like there might be a way to get your kids to eat greens after all- the proof is in the pickle! You can catch these two at the Farmers market stalls spruiking jars with their Mum & Dad or sampling the latest goods on the ‘gram.

Head of
moral support

The only Kirby this family won’t pickle is this one. Part golden retriever, part poodle, Kirby is the latest member of the Barbour family and an absolute heart breaker. Kirby takes his name from the cucumber variety used for Dillicious pickles and we might be a little biased but we think Kirby is as cute as the cucumber is crunchy.