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At Dillicious, we like to keep it real with all natural, simple ingredients for the ultimate flavour and crunch. We believe that good food can be good for you too which is why source premium Aussie produce for our small batch pickling process. Rest assured, there’s nothing in our products that you couldn’t find in your pantry or your garden and there’s no added sugar, no preservatives, sulphite free, gluten free and plant based*- naturally.

The hero of our pickles is our Kirby cucumbers- you can’t make great American-style dill pickle without them! These little guys were just made for pickling; the thickness of their skin, size, taste and even the size of their seeds all play a part in giving you the crunch and taste you’d expected from a Dillicious pickle. The cucumbers are grown from a seed variety called ‘Bowie’ on several family farms in Queensland. Harvest begins in the hot summer through to autumn in Bundaberg and then, when temperatures start to drop, from the north in Ayr.

Our suppliers are a key part of our process and we work closely with them to ensure both the people and produce are looked after. As a proudly family operated business ourselves, everyone we work with- from growers and suppliers to warehouse picklers to distributors- are part of the Dillicious family- that’s just how we roll.

* Our products are all Vegan certified with the exception of our Not So Sweet pickles and Life of the Party hot sauce, which include wild flower honey.

Keen to get your hands on a jar of the good stuff? You can find our pickles on the shelves through our list of stockists as well as by ordering online.

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Our simple food philosophy means there’s no place for added sugars and when it tastes this good, you wouldn’t want it anyway.

We are a family operated business and proud of it. From our kitchen table to yours, we hope they make you smile.

We make our pickles right here in Australia from the highest quality produce sourced from family farms in Queensland and Victoria.

Our products are Vegan certified with Vegan Australia so you can trust our pickles to be a mainstay of your plant-based diet.

Rest assured, whilst our pickles pair well with a burger, all our products are naturally gluten free and always will be.

Our pickling process is all natural meaning it’s free of sulphites and preservatives but packed with flavour and crunch.