Why are we doing an equity crowd fund?

When we started Dillicious, we were excited to be creating something together as a hubby-wife team that combined our unique skill-sets and passions. We wanted to create a business that involved our kids and other family members and the truth is, we couldn’t have come this far without them. 

In the early days we called on the help of many friends and family members. This ranged from hands-on help in the kitchen, manning market stalls, labelling jars in front of the TV at night, to babysitting the kids while we spent long days at the Brinery and moral support as we cried and laughed through the many ups and downs.

We continue to be blown away by how much our friends and family have been a part of our journey. And it’s probably one of the most unexpected rewards of our Dillicious journey to date.

Our aspirations for Dillicious are not small. Our mission is to create dillicious products that make people smile. And to make even more people smile, we need to make our pickles accessible to everyone - on shelves in more retail stores and served by even more commercial kitchens. In our first two years we've made over 1 million pickles and we're just getting started. We won't stop until we're a household name, a brand that becomes synonymous with pickles in Australia. 

To achieve this, there are a couple of curves in the road that we need to navigate:

  1. Lots of people in Australia are yet to discover the joy that comes from biting into crunchy, healthy and tasty pickles.
  2. Production costs and sourcing premium quality ingredients at a smaller scale mean that our pickles are associated with a premium price.

We have a clear roadmap to overcome these, and the next step is our May-June 2021 equity crowd fund. 

Consider this our non-exclusive invitation to become a part of our Dillicious journey in a very meaningful way, as shareholders. By doing so, investors will be joining our Dillicious army of pickle-lovers, helping to spread the #picklepower near and far and helping us to navigate the first challenge above. 

For the second challenge, the capital raised will allow us to move into a new production facility and purchase much-needed equipment, increasing our capacity to make even more pickles.

We have some amazing opportunities in front of us, and can’t wait to share the journey with our ever-growing Dillicious family.

Head to our crowd-funding page here to pledge as little as $99 to help grow Dillicious. You’ll nab yourself a FREE jar of pickles just by expressing your interest and will be a valuable part of Australia’s fastest growing and best tasting pickle company!