FAQs about Equity Crowdfunding

All the Dillicious answers to your questions about our equity crowdfunding campaign...

What is Equity Crowdfunding? 

Equity Crowdfunding gives investors the access to part-ownership (or equity share) in early-stage unlisted companies (i.e. not listed on a stock market) in exchange for funding. Birchal is one of the first licensed (ASIC) equity crowdfunding platforms in Australia.

You can think of it similarly to regular crowdfunding, where you get shares instead of a physical product.

Why are Dillicious using the Birchal platform? 

Birchal is the largest Equity Crowdfunding platform with $50M raised through equity crowdfunding for more than 75 startups and small businesses. They’re kind of a big dill ;P

We were very inspired by the very successful campaign run by like minded company Hello Friend Foods who raised more than $600K. 

A great benefit to early stage startups is that access to the Birchal platform is free. If a company is successful in meeting their minimum target, Birchal then collects a small % success fee. You can find out more about Birchal here.

What will the funding go to? 

We’re growing, fast! 

To keep up with demand and keep our supply chain firmly in Australian soil we need to raise funds to expand. Capital raised will go to:  

  • Streamlining production processes by purchasing manufacturing equipment
  • Expanding our production capacity by moving into a custom-built facility
  • Expanding our product offering (hello brine infused condiments)
  • Increasing demand through targeted marketing

Why should I invest in Dillicious?

Most opportunities to invest in startups go to those in the start-up world. We’ve opened this opportunity to the public because the people that love our pickles are just like you! 

This equity crowdfunding campaign is the best opportunity for our very own customers to have a share in, and support, a company they know and love. 

Is it true that I can get a free jar of pickles? 

YES! All it takes is to submit your expression of interest here. We’ll email you a code to claim your free jar. You’ll just need to foot the bill for shipping.

What do I get if I invest in Dillicious?

Shares in the company. Plus a FREE jar of pickles for expressing your interest here

We understand the risk inherent in investing in early-stage startups, that’s why we are excited to introduce some exciting and exclusive offers for each bracket of investment amount. We haven’t yet finalised the details, but there will be product, merch and access to exclusive Dillicious events and promotions available. 

What’s the smallest amount I can invest? 

Shares in the company are available from as little as $99. 

However, the average investment amount expressed in our EOI campaign so far  is more than $2500+. People love their pickles!

Where can I find the general CSF risk warning? 

There are risks when investing in emerging industries. Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing. The full offer document will be available just prior to the offer campaign (set to commence on 8th June). Express your interest to invest and you can request to see a final draft prior to the public release date. 

Why is there an expression of interest period? 

We get it, it’s exciting and you’re ready to invest now, right? 

People who fill in the EOI get 48  hours of exclusive first access to an offer on Birchal, before it is officially 'released' to the public. You can also be eligible for Birchal's delayed payment terms. If you don’t want to express interest, you can still invest in Dillicious, but you won’t be able to access the page until we release the opportunity to the public on the 10th June. 


Have any other questions? We are here to help!

You can send us a private message on our Birchal profile or email us at hello@dillicious.com.au