Dillicious pickles are sneakily healthy.

Dillicious ingredients

When we set out on our Dillicious journey we made a pact to each other. For James, the pickles had to have the authentic American taste and crunch he grew up with. For Liza, the pickles had to hero good quality Aussie ingredients and be healthy. Pretty simple really, and you have our word that this pact will remain unbroken.

So, what makes our pickles ‘sneakily healthy’?

On the surface, the list is pretty simple:

  • No added sugar – we use premium apple cider vinegar in our brine which adds a flavourful, natural sweetness and means our pickles have no need for added sugar.
  • Low sodium – at <280mg sodium per 100g we’re proud to say that our pickles are a great snack for those watching their salt intake. Each serve contains just 196mg of the 2000mg recommended daily amount (Heart Foundation).
  • All natural – our natural process of pickling does the preservation itself and means we simply don’t need any additives or preservatives, including sulphites!
  • Gluten free – we’ve carefully sourced all ingredients, particularly our herbs and spices, to ensure our pickles can be enjoyed by those following a gluten-free diet.

If you look a little deeper, there’s also some pretty cool hidden benefits:

  • Rehydration with apple cider vinegar – the health benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar are becoming more widely known, but did you know that drinking your Dillicious pickle brine has it’s unique benefits? The small amount of salt adds electrolytes and makes for a perfect rehydration solution. So it can help with your post-workout rehydration or recovery from a hangover… bottoms up!
  • Muscle cramp reliefpickle juice is being sold in the US, claiming to not only prevent cramping during exercise but also assist in muscle recovery. Pickle juice is already a favourite with high performance athletes in some parts of the world, and now it's taking off here in the AFL. We believe more research is needed to hand-on-heart make any claims about pickles and sports performance, however we're keeping a close eye on the evidence.

    We can’t guarantee that our pickles will always be served in a healthy way (try our mouth-watering Crispy Fried Pickle Chips for a treat), but we can guarantee that our pickles are healthy and now YOU know why!

    * Liza Barbour (Dillicious' founder) is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian.