At Dillicious, we take the crunchiness of our pickles VERY seriously.

As a recently converted pickle-lover, my appetite for pickles relies on them being super fresh and crunchy. I find that some brands have amazing flavours, however if their pickled cucumbers are slimy and soft, they unfortunately remind me of why I used to dislike pickles.

This is why we promise you that our Dillicious pickles will always be the crunchiest they can possibly be. At markets we often get asked what we do to make them so crunchy... We believe it comes down to two key factors; the ingredients and the process.

We use the freshest Kirby cucumbers available from three family farms up in Northern QLD.

  • Timing – it’s all about minimising the time between harvest and when the brine first hits that cucumber.
  • Variety – the Kirby cucumber is ideal as it has the smallest seed cavity, and the perfect skin thickness of all the cucumber varieties.

 We take great pride in the detail of our pickle-making process.

  • We soak our Kirby cucumbers in an ice water bath before adding them to the brine. This forces out excess water so they can soak up as much flavourful brine as physically possible.
  • We keep the application of heat to an absolute minimum. For our shelf-stable range, we pasteurise each jar for exactly 11 minutes. This ensures they’re safe however doesn’t compromise the crunchiness.

Our chief taste-testers, and quality control officers (Heidi, 3yo and Elliot, 6yo) make sure the crunch factor remains top priority. And we know our customers love them for it.


Liza Barbour, Dillicious Co-Founder

Keeping it crunchy since 2018!